Karnataka - I Semester Diploma Examination, November 2007 - English for Technicians Question Paper

Karnataka - I Semester Diploma Examination, November 2007 - COMMERCIAL PRACTICE BOARD - ENGLISH FOR TECHNICIAN ENGINEERS - Question Paper.

I Semester Diploma Examination, November 2007

Time : 3 Hours]

Note :
1. Answer all the questions
2. Handwriting must be legible
3. Answers must be to the point

I - Fill in the blanks with appropriate word / words :
i. The noun form of 'develop' is ………………..
ii. The plural form of 'country' is ………………
iii. The superlative degree of good is ……………..
iv. The synonym of 'begin' is …………………….
v. The three types of sentences are simple, compound and ………………

II - a. Answer the following questions in a sentence each.
i. What is the first maxim ?
ii. What is Internet ?
iii. What did Kalpana Chawla want to possess when she was a young girl ?
iv. What is special about the third generation computers ?
v. Which statement of Kalam motivated the young engineers ?

b. Answer any 8 of the following questions in two or three sentences each.
i. Discuss the benefits of the internet.
ii. How did the gardener catch the bird ?
iii. What does Tagore suggest for the improvement of education ?
iv. What is the root cause of environmental degradation ?
v. Describe the first generation of computers.
vi. Why did Indians migrate to other countries ?
vii. Describe the first launch of the missile programme.
viii.Name any two key issues related to TQM.
ix. How has Sardar Sarovar Project affected human rights ?

c. Write short notes on any two of the following.
i. Global Indians and their achievements.
ii. The moral understanding of the story 'The Gardener and the little bird'.
iii. Environmental degradation.

Answer as directed :
a. Use the word 'left' as an adjective and also as a verb in two different sentences of your own.

b. Write a homophone for the word 'cite'.

c. Add a suitable suffix to 'create' to make it a noun.

d. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles :
i. Copper is ............ useful metal.
ii. ................. Sun shines brightly.
iii. He returned after ................ hour.

e. Indicate the tense of the verb :
i. The plane has landed safely.
ii. He walked home without waiting for the car.
iii. We will have finished our exams by this time next week.

f. Change the voice :
i. The boy made a kite.
ii. He was taken to the hospital by his friends.
iii. They were writing a test yesterday.

g. Give the tabular analysis of the following sentences.
i. A consumer can book an air ticket on the internet.
ii. I consider the plan unwise.
iii. The Company offered him many gifts.

h. Supply suitable question tags.
i. They are not playing well ................... ?
ii. She has finished her work, ..................... ?
iii. His sister cooks well, ...................... ?

i. Punctuate.
the teacher promised if you will come before school tomorrow i will explain it.

j. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions :
i. She is fond .......... music.
ii. The village was destroyed ................... the floods.

k. Use the following phrases in sentences of your own.
i. to put off
ii. to make one's mark

l. Convert the following sentences as per instruction given in brackets.
i. On the minister's arrival, everyone stood up.
[Turn into a complex sentence]
ii. Helen of Troy is the most beautiful mythological character.
[Change into positive degree]

m. Expand the following abbreviations.
i. NRI
ii. VLSI
iii. TQM

n. Give short form answers.
i. Does she study well ? [only negative]
ii. Have you done your work ? [only positive]
iii. Did he attend the class ? [only positive]

a. Write a dialogue between a soldier and a shopkeeper on the merits of
their respective occupations.

b. Describe any one of the following.
i. Solar water heater
ii. Washing machine

c. Expand any one of the following ideas into a paragraph.
i. Great talkers are never great doers.
ii. Where is a will, there is a way.

d. Develop the following hints into a paragraph.
Forgiveness - not weakness - but strength - resentment and hate easy - lead to venegance - to control natural passions, difficult - who forgives is superior - puts wrong - doer to shame - converts foe into a friend - merely, noblest revenge.

e. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

The greandeur of a drawing room and a living room is best felt when there is an element of nature's pride possession - a tree, or an indoor plant, or even for that matter a sapling. Children as of now get to see less of greenery and more of technologically driven software parks. Fortunately we have come to a point where we can bring the world of flora to our homes.

In the emerging world scenario, interior decoration has become a passion and a dictum for healthy living. The art of planting in small, pots with its branches neatly trimmed gives rise to small neat structures of plants. These plants are easy to grow indoors as long as they have soil, air, light and water. Plants are easy to grow indoors as long as they have soil, air, light and water. Plants can be grown in the house all year round. Of late Bonsai have attracted the attention of one and all. Botanists say that Bonsai are ornamental tree or shrubs grown in a pot and artificially prevented from reaching their normal size. The Japanese specialise in Bonsai and Ikebana. The latter flowers are displayed according to strict rules.

i. What do children get to see more these days ?
ii. What is Bonsai ?
iii.What do Japanese specialise in ?
iv. What is Ikebana ?
v. What is the scope of interior decoration now?


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