Karnataka 2nd PUC ECONOMICS (July, 2009) Question Paper

Karnataka Pre University Board 2nd year ECONOMICS July, 2009 Question Paper.

Code No. 22

June/July, 2009

Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes Max. Marks : 100

Note : i) Write the question numbers legibly in the margin.
ii) Answer for a question should be continuous.


I. Answer the following questions in one sentence each : 10 × 1 = 10

1. Give the meaning of "Economic development".
2. What is the density of population in India as per 2001 census ?
3. What is "Green Revolution" ?
4. What is "Privatisation" ?
5. What do you mean by "Umbrella legislation" ?
6. What is "Fax" ?
7. Name the market which buys and sells the old and already issued
8. Expand "TRIMs".
9. What is "Revenue deficit" ?
10. Which is the central planning body having all the state chief
ministers as its members ?


II. Answer any ten of the following questions in about four sentences each :10 × 2 = 20

11. How are the countries divided by World Development Report ?
12. State the contribution of various sectors to National Income in 2001.
13. State the indicators of health and education.
14. Mention four measures for soil conservation.
15. Mention four problems of small scale industries.
16. Distinguish between agricultural labour and cultivator.
17. State the structure of road transport in India.
18. Name any two atomic power stations in India.
19. Mention the agricultural credit co-operative societies.
20. What is patent ?
21. State any four measures of export promotion.
22. What is budget ? Name the parts of it.7 Code No. 22


III. Answer any eight of the following questions in about 15 sentences each :8 × 5 = 40

23. Define poverty line as per Planning Commission of India. List out the
poverty alleviation programmes undertaken by the Government.
24. Explain the nature of India's food problem.
25. What is rain-water harvesting ? What are the methods of it ?
26. Briefly explain the objectives of promotional policy for small scale
27. What are the measures undertaken by the Government to promote
the inflow of foreign investment ?
28. What is labour union ? State the objectives of labour unions.
29. Explain the role of communication in economic development.
30. Write a note on the monetary policy of Reserve Bank of India.
31. Distinguish between balance of trade and current account balance.
32. Discuss the composition of India's export trade.
33. What are the non-tax sources of revenue of the Central Government ?
34. Explain the functions of National Planning Commission.


IV. Answer any two of the following questions in about 40 sentences each :2 × 10 = 20

35. Explain the characteristics of developing countries including India.
36. Explain the measures undertaken by the Government to control the
growth of population in India.
37. Examine the reforms introduced in Indian banking sector.
38. Discuss the heads of expenditure of Central Government.Code No. 22 8


V. Answer any two of the following project and assignment related
questions : 2 × 5 = 10

39. Name any ten public sector industries ( undertakings ) and mention
their location.
40. Write a report on the activities of a "Self-Help Group" of your locality.
41. Construct a bar diagram by using the following data relating to rice
production in different states :
States Punjab Haryana A.P. Karnataka Maharashtra T.Nadu Kerala
40 38 30 25 20 12 5
Production of
Rice( in million
tonnes )

Mention any ten Railway zones and their headquarters.


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