Karnataka 2nd PUC ENGLISH (March, 2009) Question Paper

Karnataka Pre University Board 2nd year ENGLISH March, 2009 Question Paper.

Code No. 02

March, 2009

Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes Max. Marks : 100

Note :
i) Follow the prescribed limit while answering the questions.
ii) Write the correct question number as it appears on the Question paper.
iii) One mark questions attempted more than once will be awarded zero.
iv) For multiple choice questions choose the correct answer and rewrite it.

I. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each : 12 × 1 = 12

1. What did Hollis Meynell refuse to send ?
2. Where did the mothers leave their children while they stacked and
forked the hay ?
3. Why couldn't Juliane eat the Christmas cake in the jungle ?
4. Kashi's buffalo had ............... miscarriages.
a) two
b) three
c) four.
5. Who smashed the model of Joe's machine ?
6. How do people intend to cover the last ten yards to see the rabbit ?
7. Name the self-reliant cooperative community founded by Baba Amte.
8. Which is the best time to visit Fiords, according to the lady in 'The Travel Bureau' ?
9. Rukmini Devi Arundale learnt 'Sadir' from
a) Anna Pavlova
b) Meenakshisundaram Pillai
c) Krishnamachari.
10. When does the speaker rejoice in 'The House by the Side of the Road' ?
11. How long did Melkkoran take to build the glass-tree ?
12. Kie Ho does not support ............... system of education. ( Fill in the blank with the right word ).

II. Answer any eight of the following ( choosing at least two from poetry ) in a paragraph of 80 – 100 words each : 8 × 4 = 32

13. Describe the three women whom Blandford came across at the Grand
Central Station.
14. How does the poet describe the growth of children in 'Life's
Beginning' ?
15. How did Juliane's stay in the hut for the night prove to be fortunate
for her ?
16. What conflict did Tansukh experience when the old man approached
him for help ?
17. How does William Shakespeare describe the nature of true love in
Sonnet 116 ?
18. Why did people oppose Joe's invention ? How did they protest against it ?
19. What light does the poem 'The Rabbit' throw on the evil effects of urbanisation ?
20. Bring out the two contrasting images of the lady presented in 'The Travel Bureau'.
21. Explain how Rukmini Devi Arundale is not only a liberator of classical
dance but also a crusader of social change.
22. Describe Kuruman Panikkan and his arrival at the Champaka-Kaavu.

III. Answer the following in about 200 words : 6

23. Baba Amte's life is an illustration of his slogan 'Work Builds, Charity
Destroys'. Discuss.
The poem 'I am not that Woman' is a comment on the woman's
exploitation and her self-assertion. Explain.
"Knowledge and creativity are the integral parts of ideal education."
Explain with reference to the essay 'Is Creativity Suppressed by

IV. Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it : 10 × 1 = 10

On 10 April, 1912, the largest and finest luxury ship in the world sailed from Southampton in England to New York. She was called the Titanic and
it was her first voyage. She was crossing the Atlantic and she was carrying
more than two thousand people. She was a ship built with great care. Everyone thought that she could never sink. They called her 'the unsinkable ship'. The journey was very comfortable. Everyone talked and laughed. They were happy and proud because they were travelling in the best ship in the
world. For four days the Titanic sailed smoothly. Then came 14 April. The night was cold, the sky was clear and the sea was calm. Time ticked on ..... ten O' clock, eleven half-past eleven ........
Eleven forty ! On top of the ship, the man who kept watch suddenly saw
an iceberg which stood right in the path of the Titanic. He telephoned the
engine-room. Captain Smith and his crew fought hard to steer the ship away from the iceberg but its side scraped the iceberg. There was a big shower of ice on the decks. There were also big holes along the ship's side through which water began to pour into the engine room and lower decks. Captain Smith and his crew tried to stop it but they failed. They now knew that the Titanic was in great danger. Captain Smith began to send radio signals at twelve-fifteen. 'Help Struck An Iceberg'. Code No. 02 4

A ship called the California was only about 18 kilometres away, but she
did not receive the Titanic's signals. This was because her radio had been
shut at 12 O' clock. The Titanic continued to send signals. At last a small ship called the Carpathia heard the call, she changed course and sailed at full speed towards the Titanic. Meanwhile the Titanic was sinking rapidly. Then, at 2·20 A.M. on 15 April she vanished into the sea for ever. About fifteen-hundred people including Captain Smith, went down with her. When the Carpathia reached the lifeboats it was 4 A.M. She was able to save only seven hundred people. The Titanic now lies deep down at the bottom of the ocean.

24. When did the Titanic begin its voyage ?
25. What did people call the Titanic ?
26. How did the people on board feel ?
27. What did the man who kept watch notice at 11·40 P.M. ?
28. Who tried to steer the ship away ?
29. Why did water pour into the engine room ?
30. What message did Capt. Smith give ?
31. Why couldn't California receive the radio signals ?
32. How many people could Carpathia save ?
33. Where is the Titanic now ?

V. 34. Report the following conversation : 5

Mary : Don't listen to the boy ! We will go away to another place.
Only leave us in peace !
Hob : The boy is a young scamp and idler. I would teach him
right with a strap.

35. Complete the following by filling in the blanks using appropriate form
of the verbs given in brackets : 3 × 1 = 3

International centre for Arts ……………… ( form ) by Rukmini Devi
under a tree at the Theosophical Society. She ………… ( support ) by
George Arundale. Today Rukmini Devi ……………… ( consider )
India's cultural queen.
36. Rewrite as directed : 1
What do you call a writing which cannot be read easily ?
( Use the correct root word with the prefix to answer the question )

37. Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate expressions given in brackets : 2 × 1 = 2 ( to feel a bit down, run out of, face lit up )
Rukmini Devi …………………… when Anna Pavlova walked away in
hurry. Her …………………… when Anna complemented her grace.
38. Choose the appropriate linkers from those given in brackets and fill in
the blanks. Rearrange the sentences into a coherent paragraph : 5
( because, after, and, while )
………………… people were angry with Joe's invention, Joe picked up
the pieces ………………… started to work. Mary hid the secret part of
the machine. They left ………………… smashing the machine. The
crowd attacked Joe ………………… he was working. Code No. 02 6

VI. A) 39. Read the following passage and make notes by drawing and
filling in the boxes given below :
Grasshoppers and crickets are the most distinctive of insects.
Most are weak fliers and prefer to move by walking or jumping.
They live mainly in grasslands, rainforests, deserts and caves
and a few wingless species burrow underground. Grasshoppers
tend to be active by day and crickets are out and about after
active by day Grasshoppers 8 Crickets 7 Wingless species 5 6Live in OR Grasshoppers and Cricketss Prefer to move by

B) 40. Write a letter of application in response to the following
advertisement which appeared in the 'The Deccan Herald' dated 10th March, 2009 :
Wanted High School Teachers to teach English, Maths and
Kannada. Applicants should be trained graduates. Fluency in
Kannada and English required.
Apply within 15 days to
The Secretary
Sagar Education Trust
Kuvempu Road
Mysore – 1.

C) 41. Your college is celebrating 'Road Safety Week'. You are asked to
speak in your college assembly highlighting some of the traffic
rules and mention the need to follow them. Write a speech in
about 100 words. Your speech should include the following
points : 5
— Road accidents — Causes
— Negligence
— Use of mobile phones while riding/driving.
— Overtaking and speeding.
Given below is a representation of the number of people
migrating from villages to cities in the past few decades. Write a
report for the local newspaper in about 120 words.

VII. A) 42. What do the italicized words in the following paragraph
refer to ? 4 × 1 = 4

he Titanic was crossing the Atlantic and she (i) was carrying
more than two thousand people, they were happy because
they (ii) were travelling in the best ship. The man who kept Code No. 02 8

watch noticed an iceberg. He grew cold with fear. It (iii) was as
huge as a mountain. He informed Captain Smith, who (iv) was in
charge of the crew.
i) She :
ii) They :
iii) It :
iv) Who :

B) Rewrite the sentences using the suffix given in brackets : 2 × 1 = 2

43. Unni told Muttashi a story full of interest ( –ing )
44. Most of the politicians want to be popular ( –ity ).

C) Which collocation is more acceptable ? Write the correct answer. 2 × 1 = 2
45. Tell a story / say a story.
46. A beautiful girl / a beautiful boy.


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