Karnataka 2nd PUC GEOGRAPHY (March, 2009) Question Paper

Karnataka Pre University Board 2nd year GEOGRAPHY March, 2009 Question Paper.

Code No. 23

March, 2009

Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes ] [ Max. Marks : 100

Note : i) Answer all the questions.
ii) Draw maps and diagrams wherever necessary.
iii) Alternative questions for Question Nos. 35, 36 and 37 are given for blind candidates at the end of thequestion paper as Question Nos. 35, 36 and 37.

I. Answer the following questions in one sentence each : 10 × 1 = 10

1. What is the total geographical area of India ?
2. Name the state of lowest literacy in India.
3. What is migration ?
4. Why is India called subcontinent ?
5. How many languages have been recognised by the Constitution of India ?
6. Which state is called as "Wheat Granary" of India ?
7. Expand I.O.C.
8. Which is the longest national highway of India ?
9. In which year was electric train first introduced in India ?
10. Which port is known as "Gateway of India" ?

II. Answer any ten of the following questions in three to four sentences each:10 × 2 = 20

11. Write the four benefits of Himalaya.
12. Name the places of heaviest and lowest rainfall in India.
13. What are the major forest products ?
14. What are the two major factors responsible for rapid growth of
population ?
15. What are the effects of migration ?Code No. 24 6
16. Mention the social diversities of India.
17. What is shifting cultivation ?
18. Mention geographical conditions required for cultivation of cotton.
19. Name the different types of Iron ore.
20. Why is Chota Nagpur plateau called "Ruhr" plain of India ?
21. What are the by-products of sugar industry ?
22. What methods are suggested to manage droughts ?

III. Answer any eight of the following questions in 20 to 30 sentences each:8 × 5 = 40

23. Explain the river canal system of Southern India.
24. What are the major objectives of multipurpose river valley projects ?
25. Explain the factors that are essential to produce hydel power.
26. Explain the cultivation of tea and its distribution in India.
27. Explain the distribution and production of coal in India.
28. What is solar energy ? Explain its importance in India.
29. Explain the development of Bio-gas in India.
30. What are the major ports of India ? Discuss about Kolkata port.
31. Explain the importance and uses of Television.
32. Explain industrial regions of India.
33. Describe the trend of production and problems of paper industry in
34. Explain seismic zones of India.7 Code No. 24

IV. Answer any two of the following questions : 2 × 10 = 20

35. Draw the outline map of India, mark and name the following :
a) Khasi and Garo hills b) Digboi
c) Lucknow d) Coromandel coast
e) Lakshadweep f) Srinagar
g) River Godavari h) Katni.
36. Draw the simple bar graph, to represent the coal production of
Indian states, for the following data :
Sl.No.States Production intonnes
1. Jharkhand 786·7
2. Chhattisgarh 567·5
3. Madhya Pradesh 457·3
4. Andhra Pradesh 331·5
5. West Bengal 204·8
37. Draw the pie diagram for the following data of statewise production
of Iron ore :
Sl.No.States Total production in %
1. Karnataka 26·2
2. Jharkhand 12·8
3. Orissa 25·0
4. Chhattisgrah 18·0
5. Others 18·0Code No. 24 8

V. Answer the following questions in 20 to 30 sentences each : 2 × 5 = 10

38. Road transport of India is influencing Agriculture and Industry.
Discuss. OR Give a detailed sketch of the assignment submitted by you with suitable diagrams, maps and other appropriate information.
39. Major dams have become problematic in recent years. State the
consequences of major dams with suitable examples.
Mention in detail, the project submitted by you with suitable maps,
diagrams and other information with examples.

For Blind Students only :

IV. Answer any two of the following questions : 2 × 10 = 20
35. Explain the great plains of North India.
36. Describe the different agricultural methods practised in India.
37. Explain the iron and steel industries of India.


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