Karnataka 2nd PUC COMPUTER SCIENCE (March, 2009) Question Paper

Karnataka Pre University Board 2nd year COMPUTER SCIENCE March, 2009 Question Paper.

Code No. 41

March, 2009

Time : 3 Hours 15 Minutes ] [ Max. Marks : 90

Note :
i) Answer all the questions.
ii) Each question carries one mark. 10 × 1 = 10

1. Where is L1 cache located ?
2. Expand CMOS.
3. What is the other name of Bubble sort ?
4. Write any one advantage of structured programming.
5. Can an array store more than one type of variable ?
6. Define recursion.
7. What is a tuple ?
8. What is a master file ?
9. What is a topology ?
10. What is the use of HTML ? Code No. 41 2

Note :
i) Answer any ten questions.
ii) Each question carries two marks. 10 × 2 = 20

11. List the different plug-and-play USB devices.
12. Write any two properties of top down analysis.
13. Write an algorithm for linear search.
14. Explain the different methods of inputting strings.
15. What are the uses of '✳' and '&' operators with reference to pointers ?
16. Write any two differences between structure & an array.
17. Give the syntax for Function Call with an example.
18. What is Distributed data system ?
19. Write any two advantages of Electronic data processing.
20. Explain any two Arithmetic functions of MS-Excel.
21. Mention the different data types available in SQL.
22. Name any two Web browsers. 3

Note :
i) Answer the following questions.
ii) Each question carries five marks. 8 × 5 = 40

A. Answer any two questions :

23. Briefly explain the general structure of a CPU.
24. Describe the evolution of intel microprocessor.
25. Explain any five symptoms of a computer virus.

B. Answer any one question :

26. Explain the Binary search method with a suitable example.
27. Write an algorithm to find the maximum element in an array.
C. Answer any three questions :
28. Write a C program to count the frequency of a digit in a given number.
29. Explain any five character manipulation functions.
30. Define :
a) Formal parameters
b) Actual parameters
c) Local variables
d) Global variables
e) Register variables.
31. Explain any five types of File access modes with their syntax.
32. Explain data processing cycle in detail.
33. Write a note on different types of information.
34. What are the different services of Network Operating System ?

Note :
i) Answer any two questions.
ii) Each question carries ten marks. 2 × 10 = 20

35. Write a flow chart to find the sum of two matrices of order m × n.
36. Write a recursive function to find the factorial of a number.
37. i) Explain UPDATE & DELETE commands in SQL. 4
ii) Explain any four HTML tags. 4
iii) Write any two applications of Smart cards. 2


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