V T U 5th Semester B.E System Software Question Bank

Visvesvaraya Technological University Fifth Semester B.E Computer Science and Information Science,System Software Question Bank

Visvesvaraya Technological University Fifth Semester BE Degree

Information Science and Engineering Question Bank

Subject: System Software

Sub Code: CS-42

1.Bring out the differences b/w System software and Application software.
2. Bring out the differences b/w RISC and CISC.
3.Give the machine architecture of the following
a. SIC
1. UltraSPARC
2. VAX-11
3. Pentium Pro
4. Cray T3E
4. Suppose alpha is an array of 100 words. Write a sequence of instructions for SIC\XE to set all 100 elements to 0.
5. Write a sequence of instructions for SIC to clear a 20 byte string to all blanks.
6. What are Assembler directives ? Explain with example.
7. Give the basic functions of an assembler.
8. Give the format of the following
1. Header record
2. Text record
3. End record
4. Modification record
9. Explain the function of each pass of an 2 pass assembler.
10. Explain the following
11.Give the algorithm for pass1 of an 2 pass assembler.
12. Give the algorithm for pass2 of an 2 pass assembler
13. Explain program relocation with an example.
14. Explain the following
1. Literals
2. Symbol defining statements.
3. Expressions
15. Explain program blocks with an example.
16. Explain control section and program linking.
1. Explain the following
1. Define record
2. Refer record
3. Modification record(revised)
2. Explain one pass assembler.
3. Explain multipass assembler.
4. Write shortnotes on, 1. MASM assembler, 2. SPARC assembler, 3. AIX assembler
5. Write an algorithm for an absolute loader.
6. Explain bootstrap loaders.
7. Write an algorithm for Bootstrap loader.
8. Explain relocation w.r.t. loader.
9. Explain bitmask with an example.
10. Explain program linking with an example.
11. Write the algorithm for pass 1 of an linking loader.
12. Write the algorithm for pass 2 of an linking loader.
14. Explain linkage editors.
15. Explain dynamic linking.
16. Write shortnotes on, 1. MS-DOS Linker, 2. Sun OS linker, 3. CRAY MPP Linker
33. Explain the following
34 Write the algorithm for a one pass macro processor.
1. Explain the following
1. Conditional macro expansion
2. Concatenation of macro parameters
3. Keyword macro parameters
4. Generation of unique labels.
2. Explain Recursive Macro Expansion.
3. Explain general purpose macro processors.
38. Explain the following

1. MASM macro processor
2. ANSI C macro processor
3. ELENA macro processor
4. Explain lexical phase of a compiler.
5. Explain operator precedence parsing.
6. Explain Shift Reduce parsing.
7. Explain recursive descent parsing
8. Explain the following
1. Storage variables
2. Block structured languages
3. Storage allocation.
9. Write short notes on:
1. Interpreters
2. Division into passes.
3. P code compilers
4. Compiler compilers
10. List out the four tasks to be accomplished by an interactive editor process.
11. Explain user interface.
12. With a diagram explain the structure of an editor.
13. Explain user interface criteria.
14. Explain debugging functions and its capabilities.
15. LEX and YACC programs.

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