Karnataka SSLC Second Language English (2010) Model Question Paper - I

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board 2nd Language English (2010) Model Question Paper | Karnataka SSLC Question Papers | KSEEB SSLC Sample Papers 2010.

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board

2nd LANGUAGE ENGLISH Model Question Paper I

1. Write legibly and anwer to the point.
2. This question cum Answer Book comprises 54 questions including sub questions of multiple choice questions.

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/ incomplete statements. Choose the most appropriate alternative and write it in the space provided below each question.

1. The Postmaster refused to give Andy, Squire Egan's letter because Andy ______
a. Behaved rudely b. Asked impertinent questions
c. Did not pay eleven pence postage d. Did not tell his master's name

2. Vikram Sarabhai read about the achievement of great scientists. This shows that he
a. Was fond of books b. Liked scientists
c. Did not like to waste time d. Has great interest in Science

3. Why did Vivekanand go to America ?
a. The Americans had requested him to come over there
b. He wanted to fulfil the desire of Sri Ramakrishna
c. He wanted to spread Hinduism d. He wanted to study the principles of other religions.

4. The reverse of 'Barbarism' is ___________
a. Civilization b. Selfishness
c. Violence d.Generosity

5. Why did Pierrre Harrison desire to marry Kalpana Chawla ?
a. She was his classmate.
b. She was good at studies.
c. His opinions and beliefs were the same as hers.
d. He was very much impressed with her character and conduct.

6. The beggar maid appeared before the king __________-
a. Bare footed b. Sad faced
c. With a cheerful look d. Like a queen

7. What kind of a girl was Daksha ?
a. Wise b. Innocent
c. God fearing d. Ignorant

8. God moves in a mysterious way
a. To teach a lesson to man b. To do wonders.
c. To show him strength d. To help man

9. What made the guards allow Daksha's father enter the palace ?
a. He requested them in a polite way. b. He showed them the permission letter
c. He showed them a basket full of mangoes. d. He presented them some mangoes.

10. The lord of Tartary wanted trumpeters everyday to
a. Entertain him b. Announce his arrival to the court
c. Summon him to have meal d. Put him to sleep.

11. One word for "a person trained to travel in a space craft", is
a. Astronomer b. Scientist
c. Astronaut d. Astrologer

12. We must get up early in the morning. The word "early' is
a. An adverb b. A verb
c. An adjective d. A noun

13. Why __________ Pramukh go to Mysore yesterday ?
a. Did b. Does
c. Do d. Was

14. The word that takes the prefix 'un' is
a. fortune c. respect
b. done d. understand

15. "The camel is the ship of the desert".
a. Metaphor b. Personification
c. Simile d. Alliteration

16. Fill in the blank with suitable preposition:
The guest's speech lasted ___________ two hours.

17. Fill in the blank with the appropriate conjunction:
There are two _________ three who can be called experts.

18. Fill in the blank with a suitable article:
Bhuvana is ______________ honourable lady.

19. Fill in the blank with the appropriate tense form of verb given in brackets:
I _________ (meet) my friend yesterday.

20. Fill in the blank with the appropriate form of word given in brackets:
The teacher has made a _________ (correct) in my note book.

II.21. Match the word in list "A" with their meanings in list "B" 5x1=5
A -- B
1. Disciple - 1.Distance
2. embarrassment - 2.achievement
3. Committed - 3.civilized
4. feat - 4.akward feeling
5. savage - 5.faithful
6. follower
7. being loyal
8. cruel

III. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each: 10x2=20
22. Why did Narendra impose punishment on himself ?
23. How are satellites useful ?
24. What makes you think that Chandrashekar was a great fan of Mukesh ?
25. Why do people fight with one another ?
26. What does Tagore ask people to stop doing and why ?
27. Why did the monkey advise Bhima not to go further ?
28. Why did the Samskrit teacher persuade Gandhiji to come back to his class ?
29. What message does the poem 'Once upon a Time' convey ?
30. How did the Duchess get her food when she was on strike ?
31. What do you learn from then life of Kalpana Chawla ?

IV. Read the following extracts and answer the question that follow: 3x5=5
32. "The old cheat beyond in the town-wanting to charge double for it".
a. Who did the speaker call 'old cheat' ?
b. Why did the speaker call him a cheat ?
c. What is the 'it' ?
33. "It was a very prestigious position for him".
a. Who received the prestigious position ?
b. When was the position offered to him ?
c. What was that prestigious position ?
34. "Have you gone mad"?
a. When did the speaker say so ?
b. Who is the 'you' ?
c. What reply did the speaker get ?
35. "Cophetua swore a royal oath".
a. Who was Cophetua ?
b. What did he swear ?
c. What made him swear so ?
36. "Pray tell us what you did with it".
a. What does 'it' refer to ?
b. What did he do with it ?
c. What happened to 'it' at last ?
English Model I

V. 37. Quote from memory
One praised _______________
__________________________ angel grace
God moves ________________
_________________________ for his grace.

VI. Answer the following question in five or six sentences each: 2x4=8
38. Why did Andy return from the Post Office without any letter ?
How did Kashibai show her disregard for British supremacy ?
39. Narrate the qualities of the poet's mother as stated by Lankesh.
What is the Poet Gabriel Okara disgusted with? What help does he want from his son?

VII. Do as directed :
40. Frame a question to get the underlined words as answer. 1
Suresh buys fruits and Vegetables in our shop.
41. Combine using 'neither ….. nor'. 1
Some people do not know English. They do not know Kannada
42. Write the other degrees of comparison: 2
The wolf is the most ferocious animal.
43. Change into indirect speech: 2
"Do you go to your friend's house"? Mother said to her son.
44. Point out the difference in meaning between the pairs of words using them in meaningful sentences: 2
Wonder, wander
45. Use the word thought first as noun and then as verb in meaningful sentences: 2
46 Combine using first 'too'..... to and then as 'so..that..not'
The milk is ver hot. I cannot drink it. 2

VIII.47. Imagine that you are Padma/Ramesh of X standared Saraswathi High School, Koppa.
Write a letter to your friend requesting him to attend your birthday function using the clues
given below. 1X5=5
18th birthday function on 15th April in my house – a few friends and relatives invited Pooja at 10.30a.m. __ expects best wishes __ gifts excuse __lunch at 1.00 p.m. request for his presence.
Write an application to your headmaster requesting him to grant merit scholarship using the clues given below.
Class and section __ income of your father __ about your studies __ marks scored in the
previous annual examination __ marks scored during tests during this year __ request for
IX.48. Write two paragraphs on one of the following topics: 1X5=5
a. National symbols
b. Value of time
c. Importance of forests.

X. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: 1X6=6
There once lived two eagle brothers. They were born among the cliffs of the Himalayas. They used to mount the air, higher and higher. They often raced each other. One day they wanted to reach the sun. They went on and on, till the sun's rays could not be borne. One of them Jatayu nearly fainted under the fierce heat, Sampathi full of pity, spread his large wings between his brother and the fiery orb. Jatayu was saved, but Sampathi's wings were burnt, and his eyes nearly lost their light. He could never fly again. Then he fell on the Vindhya mountains and landed there for a long time. When he came to the senses, he dragged himself to the cave of a holy man. When he reached there,he told the holy man his story and asked for death. But the saint said, " of what use is death? Wait in patience. The time will come for you to serve a nobler being than yourself".
49. How did Sampathi save his brother ?
50. Where were the eagle brothers born ?
51. What were the names of the two brothers ?
52. Why did Jatayu nearly faint ?
53. What did the holyman say ?
54. Why couldn't Sampathi fly ?

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