Karnataka SSLC Second Language English (2011) Model Question Paper - Mode

The KSEEB exams are going to start. Find below the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board 2nd Language English (2011) Model Question Paper Model for 2011-12 and also Karnataka SSLC Question papers for the year 2011-12

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board

2nd LANGUAGE ENGLISH Model Question Paper

1. Write legibly and anwer to the point.
2. This question cum Answer Book comprises 54 questions including sub questions of multiple choice questions.

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions or incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the most appropriate alternative and write in the space provided below against each question. 15 x 1 =15

1. Andy took away two letters from the heap because
a) he thought that they were worth eleven pence.
b) the squire asked him to bring two more letters.
c) the letters were addressed to his master.
d) the postmaster refused to give him any letters.

2. Many thought that Dr. Vikram Sarabhai would not be successful as the Chairman of Atomic
Commission because
a) he was already the Chairman of the ISRO
b) the employees of the Atomic Energy Commission were not well trained.
c) Atomic Physics was a new subject for Dr. Sarabhai.
d) Dr. Sarabhai's health did not suit the new post.

3. One of the following statements according to Chandrashekhar, is incorrect.
a) ODIs can replace test cricket. b) ODIs are highly entertaining.
c) Test cricket will soon regain its popularity. d) ODIs are very popular.

4. To civilize means
a)to replace savage habits by good ones. b)barbarim c)savage conditions d) be a rich person

5. The title of 'Nightingale of India' was awarded to:
a) Kamaladevi b) Sarojini Naidu c) Hema Shinolikar d) Vimal Gulwadi

6. The Pandit had to be presented with a
a) donation b) citation c) gift d) certificate of merit

7. 'As shines the moon in clouded skies'. The figure of speech used in this line is.....
a) alliteration b) metaphor
c) personification d) simile

8. We should trust God for His
a) grace b) boons
c) knowledge d) blessings

9. The Lord of Tartary would be summoned to meal by
a) peacocksb) trumpeters c) harp and mandolin d) flute

10. I can't get at the meaning of your letter. The underlined words mean:
a) make up b) make out c) find out d) get up

11. What a powerful concentration of mind Narendranath had! Say whether the sentence is
a) Assertive b) Question c) Imperative d) Exclamatory

12. The correct prefix to make the opposite meaning of ' fortunate' is
a) un b) mis c) dis d) ir

13. The farmer went to visit the king with
a) his daughter b) his friends. c) the people of his village d) his wife

14. My child has eaten all the mangoes. The sentence is in
a) Simple Past Tense. b) Present Perfect Tense. c) Future Tense d) Present Tense.

15. Kalpana got married to Harrison
a) as soon as she went to the USA b) after she acquired her PhD.
c) in the year she earned her master's degree d) after her first flight aboard the Columbia spacecraft

16. Match the following in list 'A' with their meaning in the list 'B'. 5x1=5
A - B
1. attain - deeply religious
2. snag - lump
3. pious - silly
4. ridiculous - reach
5. clod technical - problem

II Answer each of the following questions in two or three sentences 10 x 2 = 20
17. What did Tagore ask us to stop doing? Why?
18. Why did the squire send Andy to the town?
19. How are satellites useful?
20. Who gave Narendranath an introductory letter? What did he mention in it?
21. How did Chandra achieve a great name as a bowler inspite of his disadvantage?
22. What do many people in Europe think about themselves and the people of Asia?
23. Who caused the British a sense of defeat? How?
24. What was the blessing of Hanuman to his brother as they parted?
25. Why did Gandhiji request the headmaster to exempt him from gymnastics?
26. What did the Duchess do when her father asked her to come down?

III Quote from memory: _ 4
27. I had ————-
———— —————grieving
O, —————-
—————————— weaving.
God moves ———
He —————————
——————— storm.

IV. Read the following statements and answer the questions given below. 5x3=15
28. "She is more beautiful than day."
a. Who is the speaker? b. Who is 'she'? c. When is it said?
29. "My whole kingdom is proud of you, pretty lady".
a. Who is the speaker? b. Who is the 'pretty lady'? c. Why is the kingdom proud of her?
30. "Sir, why would I let you be cheated?"
a. Who is the speaker? b. Who is "Sir"? c. Who is said to be cheated by whom?
31 ."I must for it was I who was talking".
a. Who is "I"? b. To whom was "I" talking? c. When was this said?
32. "This was his only pleasure".
a. Whose pleasure does it imply? b. In what did he get pleasure?
c. When did he lose this pleasure?

V Answer the following questions in a paragraph each: 2x4 = 8
33. Describe Andy's second visit to the post-office?
How did Kashibai show her disregard for British Supremacy?
34. Why should we not judge God?
What is the poet disgusted with? What help does he want from his son?

VI Rewrite as directed 5x 2 =10
35. Rahul Dravid is the finest batsman at the moment. Change into other degrees.
36. The king said, "Is there no one who can venture an answer?" Change into Indirect Speech.
37. Point out the difference in words and use in meaningful sentences 'quiet and quite'.
38. Use the following in meaningful sentences as a noun and as a verb 'murder'.
39. Subhas is very short. He cannot play football.
Combine the sentences using "too …. to" and "So…that …not."

VII. Fill in the blanks. 5x1=5
40. Dr. Sarabhai was ____ ideal manager of human resources. Fill in the blank with a suitable article (a, an, the)
41. The horse galloped ____ the meadow. Use the correct preposition. (upon, across, over)
42. We found a hotel ____ it was closed. Use a suitable conjunction.( but, or, yet)
43. The Indian National Army _____ _by Subhashchandra. Fill in the blanks with (be+ find).
44. He ____ down on the bed and breathed his last. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb 'to lay'.

VIII Do as directed. 2x1=2
45. Vikram Sarabhai started working at the Meteorological department at Pune.
Frame a question to get the underlined words as answer.
46. The teacher distributed the answer scripts in the class. Change the voice.

IX. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below. 6 x 1 = 6
Lokmanya Tilak was imprisoned by the English. He kept himself busy in studies while in jail. The jai l
was a quiet place, where even the birds wouldn't chirp. Tilak started putting away some food for birds
while having his meals. The food was untouched in the beginning. But after some days, a few birds
started coming there. Slowly their number increased and they were all around Tilak. The birds would
sit on his head and shoulders fearlessly. One day a jailor came to Tilak's cell while on his rounds. On
hearing the chirping of birds, he peeped in and he was totally surprised. "So many birds; where have
they come from?", he asked. Tilak replied, "Friend, I didn't bring them from India. These are from
here only" The jailor was surprised. He said, "Everybody eats birds; hence the birds do not come
here". Tilak laughed and said, "the birds can also distinguish between friends and foes,"
47. Why did the birds come to the prison?
48. What did the jailor ask Tilak? What was Tilak's reply?
49. How did Tilak spend his days in jail?
50. How was the jail?
51. Why did the jailor peep into Tilak's cell?
52. How can you say that the birds were friendly with Tilak

X.53. Imagine that you are Ramesh/Reena, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Dharwad and
Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the condition of the roads in your town. 5
Clues: roads - big pot holes – dangerous – accidents – dust - environment pollution – immediate repair.

XI. 54. Write two paragraphs on any one of the following topics: 1 x 5=5
1. Importance of Newspaper. 2. A Small Family 3. Environment Pollution

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