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BBMP Results Election
Election Update Won

BJP 102
Congress 60
JD 12
Others 6

Seats 180
Author: Kiran Paul      Posted Date: 05 Apr 2010
BBMP Elections 2010- Vote Turnout
The state Chief minister Yeddyurappa is unhappy over the way the voters turned out in the recent concluded BBMP Elections. He came out with a Cautious note saying that the state government wants to understand the reason for the poor turnout of the voters and will take the help of an independent agency to carry out a survey on behalf of the state government to understand the reason for this turnout.

This is all done to understand the situation and then take up a decision on compulsory voting in the state. The state machinery is unable to understand that the voters are ready to vote but the lack of coordination and collection of information is at fault. In fact on 28 March many turned for voting in the BBMP Elections but they could not find their names in the list and were discouraged at the issue.

Making compulsory voting will not solve the problem but taking adequate measures and see that every thing falls in line is the solution.

Author: Kiran Paul      Posted Date: 31 Mar 2010
BBMP Elections 2010- Vote Turnout
Looking at the way BBMP Elections went the state Government has expressed its distress over the way BBMP Elections took place.

according to Minister R Ashok said on monday that the government has decided to introduce compulsory voting for the local bodies citing the example of Gujarat to make sure that people vote at the grass root levels.

Author: Kiran Paul      Posted Date: 31 Mar 2010
JD (S) gives a ticket to Mohammed Ali alias Dewan Ali,
The primary code of conduct for elections given by the CEC or the SEC is to withhold people from contesting who have criminal background.

Now when we see at this particular case it is likely possible for every criminal to enter politics to do some social service and claim that they are helping the society.

If there are cases against this person then he should not be allowed to contest and as Kumaraswamy said it is possible but a person with that background should be carefully examined and the people should decide whether to vote or not and what is the guarantee that this person will not resort to criminal activities once power is in their hands.
Author: Kiran Paul      Posted Date: 24 Mar 2010
Y S Rajsekhar Reddy Declared Dead - Andhra Pradesh Chief Mininster
Hi Nitin

Its really sad to hear and see the way a beloved leader of the masses of Andhra Pradesh has lost his life along with his colleagues. I have been regular on the events that took place after the incident. there are many deaths which happened. People wept like any thing and people from across the state came in to Hyderabad to have a look at the leader and pay their last rites.

the place he was buried was filled with people and it was very difficult for the police to manage the situation. Really we have lost a great leader who has brought in a change in the lives of many people. truly he a leaser of the masses.

No one can fill in the gap and congress party has lost a great leader and a good friend.

Author: Kiran Paul      Posted Date: 01 Oct 2009

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